Paris Port Dover Pipe Band was formed in 2000 with ten pipers and one drummer. It has grown from its humble beginnings to over 100 members. Members include pipers and drummers ranging in ability from beginner to advanced but all share a passion for Scottish music and culture.

At the Calgary Stampede in 2004, the band won second place over more experienced bands. The band confidently competed in front of 35 million television viewers and 400,000 spectators.The band played at Spruce Meadows Equestrian Centre by exclusive invitation. Surrounded by the Majestic Rocky Mountains at the Lake Louise Lodge the band played an impromptu performance which furthered their impressive reputation.

2005 saw the formation of the first competitive band that became North American Champions winning the title of Champion Supreme in Grade V.

2006 the band travelled to Normandy to take part in the Juno Beach Centre celebrations. Performances followed at Dieppe ceremonies and the Marymass Festival held in Scotland. At the North American Games the band was consistently on the prize list.

In 2007 the grade IV band won the fourth place trophy at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. Another Grade V competition band was now formed.

The newly formed band played at the World Pipe Band Championships in 2008 and received an impressive second place in Grade 4b. At home they won the North American Championship and the title of Champion Supreme.

In 2010, the band had a number of accomplishments. Grade V was again Champion Supreme in North America. In August of 2010 the band had the opportunity and honour to play with Sir Paul McCartney at the Air Canada Centre. Sir Paul McCartney was impressed with the professionalism and the quality of the music. In September 2010 the band was invited to Crete as guests of the Greek Minister of Tourism. They played parades and performances for thousands of spectators as an advertisement for the Crete Tattoo which was to take place in September 2011.

In the summer of 2013 the band was invited to the International Basel Tattoo. Over the course of nine days they played 15 shows entertaining 125,000 spectators. Thirty acts from around the world were invited to play at the Tattoo. Paris Port Dover was one of two acts from North America and the only act from Canada.

The theme of Homecoming in the 2014 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo gave the band a unique opportunity. For the first time ever the Commonwealth were given the chance to perform in exclusive Military Tattoo. With invitation the band played in 18 shows in the almost month long celebration. The trip also included a “mini” Tattoo in Glasgow. The band performed live in front of 220,000 visitors and to 100 million television viewers in over forty countries. Paris Port Dover proudly represented Canada in the spectacle featuring over a thousand performers.

While performing in Scotland the band also upgraded their competition bands. Our Grade III moved up to Grade II and our Grade V band began to compete in Grade IV. During the 2015 competitive year both bands placed consistently and Grade II won the title of Champion Supreme.

The band showed such professionalism in our performances in Basel in 2013 that we were once again invited to play in the Tattoo. This trip included many of the same performances. We were also requested to be one of two pipe bands to play in a concert to promote the Tattoo. The band arrived a couple days in advance t put on the concert and then had practices to perform for the main attraction. Over two weeks the band performed in dress rehearsals, the tattoo and the parade.

October 2015 the band was once again given the chance to play with Sir Paul McCartney. This time Sir Paul McCartney personally requested Paris Port Dover. Only a weeks notice was given and on October 18th the band played at the Air Canada Centre again with Sir Paul McCartney. This opportunity will not soon be forgotten by the band members that had the honour to play in that performance.

Throughout the sixteen years Paris Port Dover has attended ten Virginia International Military Tattoos. Always striving to excel and give opportunity to younger players during this Tattoo.

2015 saw the formation of the third Grade V competitive band. Paris Port Dover now consists of three bands, Grade IV, Grade V and Show Band. The bands compete at Highland Games but also perform on stage and march in different parades in different locations throughout the year. We are always looking for new members and new ways to expand our horizons, musical repertoire and places to perform.

The summer of 2017 offered the band another exciting opportunity to perform at the Basel International Tattoo. Along with the traditional evening performances and Saturday parade the band also were part of mini tattoo in Europa Park located in Germany. They were also selected to represent the tattoo in a marketing photo shoot for Bell Sausage company.

In October 2017 the band put on a breathtaking show at the Sanderson Centre. We successfully melded the traditional sounds of our instruments with a stage band and several talented singers. We drew on every resource we had to give the audience a 150th Canadian celebration with a Scottish twist. We were lucky to have the spectacular guests we did, including The Drums Crown forces 1812, 41st Regiment of foot and the visually astonishing Hoop dancer Nicole and family. We are so grateful for all who came to see the show and support the band. We are also thankful for the effort and dedication of all our acts and the patience of the Sanderson Centre crew.

In 2018, the year of the Youth and the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force the band was fortunate enough to be invited to play at the Royal Edinburgh Military tattoo. Paris Port Dover encourages all ages to join but in the spirit of the tattoo our youth group was represented well with twelve of our members on the trip being under 18.

This year has also brought an exciting new fundraising opportunity for the band that has been growing in popularity. Our Catch the Ace fundraiser has had wild success and we can’t wait to continue the growth of this ever expanding venture.

In 2019 Paris Port Dover returned to the International Basel Tattoo in Switzerland. We were also given the unique opportunity to send 9 pipers, 2 snares and one bass player to the Qingdao International Beer Festival. The month long festival featured the band in the opening and closing ceremonies as well as two nightly parades. The band was welcomed by crowds of nearly 100,000 each night. Paris Port Dover not only experienced performing in the festival but alongside stilt walkers and Brazilian drummers. Each parade included a cooperative performance between the two to the tune We Will Rock You.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant The Paris/Port Dover Pipe Band gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation.

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